Recreated Unit

The modern 6th Maine Battery was formed in 1994 by Gordon McRae and William Lannon. It consists of two full size replica 10 pound Parrot Rifles. It also has a full size limber. 

Members of the reenacting Civil War gun crew perform all the functions of the Civil War Cannoneers. Civil War reenactors find it to be exciting, challenging, and fun. Members are interested in learning about the Civil War and the 1860’s by doing; they share the camaraderie of a group of individuals sharing a common interest in Civil War history.

Every effort is made to portray, in dress and action, the original. We strive to maintain high standards of safety when in action and are well known for our authenticity in appearance and demeanor. Uniforms and equipment are crafted to be exact reproductions of those of the Civil War period. We wear wool, cotton and linen, camp and sleep in tents and cook over an open fire.

To become a member of our reenacting group, fill out an application here

Current Roster

First DetachmentSecond Detachment
Amy McRaeJim & Ann DeMars
Tim BrochuJohn, Barbara, & Frank Fiorella
Lance BrownJon & Katie Calder
Bill LannonDan, Julie, and David Woods
Eric StoupJoe & Lisa Giovenello
Feona Anderson-BellGiuseppe & Kate Larosa
Ben TrudelPaul Jancewicz
Jim TrudelElizabeth Charlton
Peter KnowlesSean Sweeney
 Bob Collins