One thought on “MetcalfJames

  1. My 2nd Great Uncle Jimmy Metcalf of Talmadge, ME. He mustered in with his dad, my 3rd Great Grandfather, Amos Metcalf, of Talmadge. Amos was 41 and was later detached as a hospital cook but was at the Battle of Gettysburg with his son. I imagine as a hospital cook he would have been very busy assisting with the wounded at Gettysburg. Jimmy was born 10 AUG 1843. He would have been 18 when he mustered in on January 1st, 1862. I am currently visiting friends in Gettysburg and enjoy a morning walk by the 6th Maine monument and canons. Both Grampy Amos and Uncle Jimmy were certainly fortunate to make it back to Maine alive. I frequently remind myself that I come from a very strong and brave line. They’re quite an inspiration even a century and a half later!


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