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I am from Germany and new in the Reenacment Scene. You have a great Homepage with good pictures and information. I learn your language and i hope you understand me. I want to visit your country in three years. My dream is a March from Portland/Maine to Ghettysburgh. My adress in Germany:
Klaus jendrich
Röntgenstrasse 33
34127 Kassel
I hope we can sstarted a friendship between our Country`s

Added: September 28, 2014
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My great grandfather and great, great grandfather, James Metcalf and his father Amos Metcalf, were members of the original unit. They joined Nov 15, 1861 and were Mustered out June 17, 1865. Amos is burried in Talmadge with a 6th Maine headstone. James is near him in an unmarked grave. I have lots of info from my geneology search over 40 years. Amos' pension claim indicates he contracted rheumatism at Antietam from lying for hours on the damp ground and was completely disabled by 1881. James appears on the roster on your web site and is referred to in the wonderful article by James E. Rhodes, when Rhodes and 3 others reurned to Petersburg in 1892. James' death certificate indicates he died of Malarial poisoning from his service in the south. I have a photo of him in uniform.
Thank you for this wonderful site. I might call to see how I can get a marker for James.

Added: November 10, 2013
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Thank you to everyone who has posted in our guestbook and shared your stories with us!
I want to encourage everyone who has information on their ancestors in this battery to email us directly. You can find the webmaster's email address on the contact page.
We appreciate you sending us any paper work that you might have so we can add it to our website and update it accurately!
Thank you again for all your contributions! We love knowing that our website is useful and being enjoyed by others :)

Added: June 21, 2013
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Just recently learned of the passing of Gordon. We will always fondly remember our times with the 6th. Condolences to the whole 6th Maine family, and especially to Amy.

Added: April 26, 2013
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My great grandfather was a member of the original unit. Marshall McKussick is the spelling I have. He joined at the formation from Calais or Baring Maine and served until the unit was demobilized. He was badly wounded at Cold Harbor like so many, was assigned garrison duty in Washington eventually and mustered out when the war ended. He later became a mayor of Calais, an attorney and businessman there and of course a member of the GAR. My sister has letters he wrote from his time of service, his pension records, and various other artifacts including his medical records indicating the site of the wound from shrapnel. One of my grandmother's sisters who lived then I think in Bangor wrote me that the wound in his side was so large that she could put her fist into the site when she was little. When the Spanish American Conflict broke out he locked his two sons in their rooms to prevent them from enlisting.

Admin reply: Thank you so much for sharing this information with us! We'd love to be able to share his story on our website. Please feel free to email us some of this information (the letters especially!) We'd love to add this kind of information to our website. You can find our contact info on the contact us page. Please feel free to email the webmaster directly with any related documents and information you have. Thanks again!

Added: December 9, 2012
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Thank you for the wonderful web site. My ancesters were
at Gettysburg with the 6st Maine. They have been refered
to as the "Dow" Brigade. They were very involved in the battle. To stand next to the monument, dedicated to their
efforts and memory, brings much pride to my heart. I con-
tinue to be a student of this battle and era. Thank you
again. jm

Added: October 27, 2012
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Hi 6th Maine, I am a Kennebunk native and married a woman who's family originated from Rockland. Thier name was Babbidge. Benjamin Babbidge fought with the 6th Maine Light Artillary Battalion from Wilderness on to the end. We do have some items that belonged to him. I would love to take pics and send them to you. We have a tintype photo of Benjamin standing with two other members. I am serving with the 3rd Maine Infantry right now and hope to run into you guys sometime. Take care,
Pvt. Pierce

Admin reply: Thanks for the comment! We'd love to see some of these pictures! Please feel free to email the webmaster directly at any time with any information, documents, or photos you'd like to share. We'd love to include this information on our website! You can find the webmaster's email address right on the contact page. Thanks again for sharing!

Added: July 6, 2012
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I just did a search for some additional info on the battery my great great uncle nathaniel perkins and found your site. It has been a little while since my last search sorry. I have his original tin type photoas well as his brother my great great grandfather george perkins 19 th maine. George died in the initial artillery barage of picketts charge. His friends took his belongings to his brother nathaniel after the battle and his canteen sits on my shelf today. I live your site. I live in torrington, ct now but spend much time back in the great state if maine! You can take the man out of maine but you can never take maine out of the man! I wish I was closer to a unit.

Added: July 3, 2012
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Private post. Click to view.

Added: September 27, 2011
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My 2 times great-grandmother Hannah "Proctor"Parsons brother was with the 6th Maine Battery,his name was Uriah Proctor, records say he was born in Eustis Maine. Sometime after 1880 he moved to Brockton Ma. and worked in the shoe business, he died in 1907 and is buried in the Melrose Ma. cemetery Brockton Ma.

Admin reply: Thanks for letting us know! We were finally able to put a roster up after we found some information, and Uriah was on there!

We've also found another Proctor - maybe there's a relation? Erastus Proctor from Appleton - he's on the list, too, if you'd like to take a look. It's on the Original Unit page - just click on the Roster link, and it will bring you right there!

Thanks again for visiting our website and letting us know about Uriah! We hope to see you at one of our events!

Added: August 3, 2011
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